Cabbage Patch Settlement House, Louisville, KY

The Cabbage Patch Settlement House is a Christian service ministry that has focused on the needs of inner-city children and families since it’s founding in 1910.  Almost 60% of the children in the program live in poverty and are at high risk for teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse and continued poverty.  The Cabbage Patch leadership team realized that continued success would be dependent upon their ability to think strategically about the future of the ministry.  The Covenant Group was able to help The Cabbage Patch develop a strong strategic plan and conduct a feasibility study.  In addition, The Covenant Group provided capital campaign consulting and management services.

“I really supported Dr. Moisan’s involvement in our strategic planning process because his approach encouraged ‘staff-based support with board buy-in,’ and I felt that was important given what we were trying to achieve,” stated Jennifer Scott, Director of Administration & Development.  “Len really broke down barriers and understood what our staff was struggling with.  At the same time, he was able to relate to our board – to inspire them.  He was effective in getting a plan developed that gave us a clear sense of direction – so effective, that we decided to use him for our next two projects, the feasibility study and the capital campaign.”

Ms. Scott continued, “Len did not use a cookie-cutter approach.  He focused on our specific needs and situation.  He helped alleviate the volunteers’ fears with regard to fundraising, he pushed our board’s boundaries, developed them by elevating their sights, and always responded within the framework of the direction we were giving him.  His thinking was highly strategic.”

The Cabbage Patch is a stronger ministry today because of The Covenant Group’s involvement.  Mr. Tracy Holladay, Executive Director, related, “My sense is that Len has a strong appreciation for our ministry, and it showed in his work.  I would recommend The Covenant Group; our money was well-spent.”


Developed a strong, coherent strategic plan

Organized campaign, engaged the Board and helped manage campaign process

The Cabbage Patch has achieved their $4.5 million goal