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We help churches and nonprofit organizations reach their growth and funding goals. We do this through an array of services and products related to nonprofit fundraising, capital campaigns, strategic planning, and leadership development. For more than twenty years, we have served nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes.

In addition to nonprofit consulting services, we offer self-serve products that allow you to achieve your goals in a timely manner, on a tight budget.

Whether you want to raise $50 million dollars, find 50 new major donors, or just get 50 volunteers all pulling in the same direction, we can help.

We are based in Louisville, KY. We have helped clients all across the country.

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Len Moisan
Len Moisan is founder and President of The Covenant Group. As both a Senior Vice President at two universities and a consultant to scores of nonprofit organizations and companies, he and his colleagues have been responsible for helping generate over $1 billion in revenues and facilitating and coaching the work of thousands of volunteers. Over the firm’s 19-year history, all campaigns managed by The Covenant Group have averaged a 98% success rate and 145% of goal. Church campaigns have averaged a 100% success rate and 155% of goal.

Dr. Moisan has served as an educator, coach, manager, entrepreneur, and private consultant. As VP at Bellarmine University, he more than doubled the annual fund, increased college admissions by more than 30 percent in 3 years; won 15 regional or national awards and exceeded the capital campaign goal by 75 percent. He holds a B.A. in English and a master’s degree in counseling from Northern Illinois University, a specialist degree in leadership studies from Lynchburg College and a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. He and his wife, Gigi, have three children and live in Louisville.

Mark C. DiStasi, MSOL
Senior Associate/Vice President
The Covenant Group

Mark DiStasi, MSOL, has held many leadership roles education, nonprofits and businesses. He has a MS degree in Organizational Leadership and a BA in Fine Arts in Broadcasting.

His book, From Survive to Thrive: BOLD Solutions for Transforming Your Nonprofit has proven to be a useful tool for inspiring nonprofit and educational leaders to do the necessary work of transforming their organizations to reach their full potential. He helps them identify and act on the vital components that help them achieve optimal success.

Mark collaborates with organization leaders, executive teams and board members, designing and implementing intentional strategic plans and creating metrics for continued evaluation of those plans.

Mission-focused, purpose-driven, data-centric planning is the approach Mark takes with clients. Through this approach, clients have made very positive and accelerated transformations often exceeding their expected outcomes.

As Associate Director of Development at Arizona State University Foundation for the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering Mark served on the board development and volunteer structure committee. He was also the co-architect of the School of Engineering’s Industry Engagement Catalyst leadership counsel.

In addition, Mark led the effort of growing the funding support of the School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering and was part of the inaugural BRAIN Center collaborative between Arizona State University, University of Houston and many global medical device companies and health care systems. Mark also served as Chief advancement officer at House of Refuge, Inc. in Mesa, Arizona.

Linda Medley
For over 35 years, Linda Medley has effectively raised money for eight non-profit organizations, running the gamut from children’s services to senior nursing care and from high school to college advancement.  She participated in her first capital campaign in 1985 while with the Boy Scouts of America, and since that time has led campaigns that have generated over $96 million.  In addition to capital, Medley’s experience includes annual campaign organization and execution, effective direct mail, donor identification and cultivation, special events, and strategic positioning.

She has been both an efficient one-person shop, as well as a strong leader to a team of 13.  Agency experience includes work in the performing arts; Catholic, Presbyterian, and Methodist ministries, as well as children and seniors’ social services.

Ken Gurr
Ken Gurr adds a wealth of diversified experience to the Covenant Group team. He received a Bachelors of Science degree in accounting from Azusa Pacific University and an MBA in finance from Sullivan University. With a background rich in logistics, consulting, management and fundraising he understands the many facets of organizational structures that contribute to a church or nonprofit’s ability to raise funds and engage donors and volunteers.

As an officer in the US Army, he oversaw the Army Emergency Relief Fund and the Combined Federal Campaign that together was an annual multi-million dollar effort. The funds were used to support military families as well as multiple nonprofits in the local communities.  As a corporate leader he instituted and supported programs at multiple sites that encouraged employees to give back both through volunteer efforts and financial support. Ken’s friendly attitude combined with a lead by example mentality make him a great match with most clients.

Sarah Stempien
Sarah is a writer and creative specialist and has worked for The Covenant Group for the last 10 years. She has a strong background in art and design as well as the quantitative and qualitative research process. Sarah also has excellent marketing skills and assists on The Covenant Group team in creative and research projects as well as creating all of the schedules and campaign manuals for church campaigns.

Before coming to work at The Covenant Group, Sarah served as a teacher and team leader in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Sarah is married to Brian Stempien. They have four children and live in Louisville.

John Fleming
John Fleming is a seasoned executive and consultant with over 30 years of experience in creating and implementing innovative marketing and workforce solutions to challenging business problems. He has been the CEO of Louisville Community Initiatives, a nonprofit organization, for nearly 20 years. His experience in making the case, fundraising and marketing for that organization makes him a natural fit for the Covenant Group team.

Previously, John has been Vice President of Human Resources and Vice President of Marketing for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Prior to Anthem, John was Director of Marketing for Metropolitan Life. John is also a retired U. S. Army Lieutenant Colonel. He has commanded a combat unit and received the Bronze Star, Meritorious Service and Army Commendation Medals. A native of Ashland, Virginia John is a graduate of Virginia State University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science degrees in Psychology. He and his wife Barbara make their home in Louisville and they have two daughters.

Roxanna Trivitt

Roxanna Trivitt brings with her over 28 years’ of leadership in both corporate (Humana) and non-profit organizations (Shively Area Ministries). She has a successful and proven track record for achieving growth through strategic planning, responsible oversight, and fund development. Her passion involves helping lead nonprofit organizations, faith communities and businesses, in discovering and implementing a vision of hope with practical plans that lead to growth.

Clients find that Roxanna’s deep-rooted Christian faith and heritage combined with her experience bring much value to them. They have helped her develop into a creative, courageous and authentic leader, one who has great insights into how to coach others to lead. Roxanna not only helps clients create well thought out plans and strategies, but also she helps them achieve those plans and strategies with a high level of success.

Roxanna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Oakland City University, Oakland City, IN and a Master’s degree in Spirituality from Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY. She and her husband, Gary, have two daughters and have been married for 35 years.

Amanda Roederer

Amanda came to The Covenant Group through from Scarlet Hope. Amanda joined this dynamic, Louisville-based nonprofit because she had a passion to reach women in the adult entertainment industry with God’s love. Her first assignment at Scarlett Hope was to serve as the first ever Operations Manager. Two years later she transitioned into the role of Development Director.  Through her work at Scarlet Hope Amanda gained great experience in donor and Board relations, face-to-face solicitations, database management, direct mail, special events planning and more.

Before joining Scarlet Hope, Amanda worked for Riverbend Financial Group. Her duties included managing Client Relations and Office Operations. Amanda has also held administrative and project management roles at Southeast Christian Church. She worked in the Events Ministry and as director of the First Impressions team.  As the mom of 3 young boys, Amanda sought more flexibility and work-life balance. Her goal is to use her managerial and organizational gifts, her leadership skills and her experience to help clients.

Leadership is a Covenant: Leading People and Living More Effectively.

In Leadership is a Covenant, Dr. Len Moisan, Ph.D., brings new meaning to the concept of leadership by demonstrating how the principles and power of covenants — properly applied — can increase engagement, improve productivity, create prosperity, and transform people and organizations for the better.

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