Achieve your goals in a timely manner, on a tight budget.

Some people think strategic planning for nonprofits is a waste of time. We completely disagree. However, we do believe that if not done properly, strategic planning can yield poor results. This is what drove us to distill our decades of experience into the self-serve product, the Strategic Planning Roadmap Process.

This four-part online product is precisely what you need if your organization needs a plan but cannot invest big dollars to pull one together. In this product, we provide you with dozens of resources – videos, worksheets, and sample outlines – so you can build your own plan, at your own pace.

You can buy just the first module and try it out. Or, you can save some money ($100!) by buying all four modules together. Regardless of which option you choose, if you’re not completely satisfied in thirty days, we will refund your money. No hassle and no hard feelings.

“For those of us who don’t do this everyday, The Covenant Group instilled confidence in us. They helped us get through the fear and apprehension by providing us with a process, training and motivation. They taught us and helped us plan in a way that was for the better. We have built lasting relationships with donors and we will continue to steward these relationships long into the future.”
Sue Finke, Director of Institutional Advancement – Covington Catholic High School –

Master Bundle – $896

Save time and money! Get all you need to build a strategic plan for a church or nonprofit in just a few clicks. And, if you buy the Strategic Planning Roadmap Master Bundle, you save $100!

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Module 1: Preparing for the Trip

You know you need a plan, but the thought of starting the process makes you nauseous. This module will help you get started right and even develop a budget and assemble your team. It’s exactly what you need before you embark.

Module 2: Getting Oriented

Before you start racing into the future, you’ll need to know if your stakeholders will actually join you on the trip. This module guides you through a process to gain insights from those you’re leading so your plan is informed and engaging.

Module 3: Choosing Your Route

You have a plan, and you know who’s willing to go. Now, you need to animate the leaders to begin to own the plan and drive the action items. This module helps you recruit and deploy the key people required to move forward.

Module 4: Hitting the Road

You have a plan, with reliable input and key people. Now, you need accountability and follow through. This module helps you turn the plan into reality. No “shelf ware” here. Only a real plan that delivers real results.