In Choosing Your Route we take the plan you have built and the stakeholder survey knowledge you have gained and start moving. You will need to animate the leaders to begin to own the plan and drive the action items. This module helps you recruit and deploy the key people required to move forward.

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In this module, you get all the items below!

Module 3 – Introduction

During the retreat participants will engage in lively conversation and teamwork to complete important tasks…use this module to create a successful retreat.

Retreat Readiness

As you approach the retreat date make sure you have completed certain activities to prepare your facilitator to lead a productive meeting.

Timeline of Countdown to Retreat

Use this checklist to make sure you are ready for retreat day and that you have made all the necessary preparations for success.

Cover Page

This cover page template can help you make a professional impression. Make sure to edit the template to give the cover the right image and feel for your organization.

Activity 1: Find Someone Who

This fun icebreaker helps participants learn interesting facts about each other and helps establish relational connections quickly.

Activity 2: Design the Perfect Church

This interactive group exercise helps people “think big” about what the organization can become.

Activity 3: Creating and Confirming Mission

If you already have a mission statement, this exercise will help you refine it to make sure it concisely defines why you exist. If you don’t, this will help prime the pump.

Activity 4: Creating a Vision

What does your church or organization want to be or become and how will you get there? This activity helps inspire rich dialogue and powerful thinking.

Activity 5: Visionary Goals

Each critical issue that was raised must be turned into a specific goal. This activity will help your team do that.

Activity 6: Key Strategies and Action Plans

Break the group into subcommittees – one for each goal – and let them go to work.

Activity 7: Visionary Goals Template

Use this guide to help groups transition their ideas to paper. This provides the framework for the plan.

Retreat PowerPoint Preparation

What’s a retreat without some great visuals to help people stay on track? In this video we describe our retreat template and how you can use it most effectively.

Retreat PowerPoint Template

This template will help you create a professional and concise presentation for your retreat. Customize it – a little or a lot – to fit your church or organization’s persona.

Retreat Instruction and Footage

Watch how Dr. Moisan interacts with participants and leads them through key retreat activities. This will help your facilitator be fully prepared.

Module 3 – Conclusion

At the conclusion of the retreat, your subcommittees have developed preliminary strategies for each goal. They will use the next few weeks to refine those and complete the plan.

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