In Getting Oriented you can find out if your stakeholders are ready to actually join you on this new journey. This module guides you through a process to gain insights from those you’re leading so your plan is informed and engaging.

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In this module, you get all the items below!

Module 2 – Introduction

Learn how to build, distribute, and tabulate results from a thorough stakeholder survey. This provides the medium for determining your critical issues.

Pre-survey Checkpoints

Before you can get starting building your survey you will need to select a survey provider. Know what to look for.

Comparing Survey Providers

This quick reference guide helps you consider and compare several of the top rated survey providers.

Survey Template

The work has been done. You can now just recreate this survey in the online provider you choose.

Survey Design: Demographics

Learn the types of questions you should ask to get a good profile of your respondents. We’ll show you how to add and edit these questions.

Survey Design: Targeted Questions

How to use closed-ended “yes/no” questions to get specific, targeted responses.

Survey Design: Rating Scale

These questions are very important in helping you assess how participants rate key components of quality in terms of importance and performance.

Survey Design: Open-Ended

Use “essay” questions to allow participants to speak freely. The responses help you discern how they view your church or nonprofit.

Survey Communication and Distribution

Once the survey is created, you will need to get it out to your database. We’ve provided tools to help.

Special Options

Learn how to edit the survey to make it your own by adding logos, changing color scheme and more.

Tabulating Open-Ended Questions

Find out ways to group and classify like answers so that common themes emerge.

Get the Word Out

This document helps you inform participants about the reason behind the survey and how they can take it. Make this doc your own.

Tips for Administrators

Make sure that whoever is tasked with survey distribution has these helpful tips on hand to ensure a smooth roll out.

Module Conclusion

The survey has been launched and tabulated. You have a pulse on your stakeholders. Now you are ready to prepare for the planning retreat.

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