Leadership Development

Leadership expert James MacGregor Burns noted that leadership is a relationship between leaders and followers. Under increased pressure, corporate executives as well as non profit professionals and volunteers find themselves more often pushing and pulling through power rather than leading through their relationships. The Covenant Group offers an eight-module leadership development program that teaches people how to lead others effectively. It is designed to engage and empower both workers and volunteers in ways that make their work rewarding and highly productive. Also, since the program is customized to fit specific organizations, it provides real solutions to practical problems. The modules are ideal for retreats or they can be spread out over a longer period of time. Topics include the following:

  1. Establishing and maintaining covenants series (includes 1 overview module and 10 individual modules)
  2. Building effective teams / engaging your stakeholders
  3. Establishing and maintaining covenant
  4. Building effective teams
  5. Improving communication
  6. Principles of leadership
  7. Mastering leadership
  8. Ethical decision making for leaders