Strategic Planning

Successful organizations understand the importance of having a clear sense of their mission, vision and core values to keep them on course. Without them, a company can find itself adrift in a sea of mediocrity. We help you develop and / or clarify the mission, vision and core values along with goals, strategies and action plans that collectively serve as a foundation that enables the company to weather any storm and prosper. In fact, successful organizations understand that where there is turbulence, there are opportunities.

According to Humphrey Institute planning expert John Bryson, seizing those opportunities requires a threefold response from organizations:

  1. They must think and plan strategically as never before.
  2. They must translate their insights into effective strategies.
  3. They must develop a strong rationale and lay the necessary groundwork for the adoption and implementation of those strategies.

To assist organizations in successfully responding to the challenge, The Covenant Group will facilitate a 10 step strategic planning process:

  1. Conduct an internal assessment/situation analysis.
  2. Scan the environment and identify critical issues.
  3. Organize a core planning committee.
  4. Facilitate a team-building planning retreat.
  5. Develop and / or clarify the organization’s mission, vision, goals and values as well as a vehicle for stakeholder communication.
  6. Communicate with stakeholders / follow-up sessions with staff.
  7. Generate alternatives and develope strategies / Planning Steering Committee sessions.
  8. Write the report with recommendations, finalize the plan and achieve consensus.
  9. Develop systems for accountability and implementation / manage to the plan.
  10. Review progress and make necessary adjustments.