Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Kentuckiana, Louisville, KY

“When Big Brothers Big Sisters came to The Covenant Group for help, we had a specific need,” Vice President Cathy Sullivan said.  The Facilities at Big Brothers Big Sisters were too small and the Board and staff were planning to relocate their offices.  Before undertaking such an effort they wanted to know if it was feasible.  “We asked the Covenant Group to conduct a feasibility study with the hopes that we might plan appropriately and set a reasonable financial goal for our capital campaign,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan is pleased with the work the Covenant Group did for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the expertise and objectivity reflected in it.  “They definitely gave us a balanced report,” she said.  “What it told us was not all positive; it was realistic and very detailed.  It also gave us a plan of what we need to do to reach our capital campaign goals.  I am pleased with The Covenant Group’s report; it was an accurate analysis of our agency’s operations.”

Dr. Moisan and his team recommended that Big Brothers Big Sisters complete several tasks before moving forward in their campaign.  “We have been evaluating all kinds of donor database software.  We have hired a part time grant writer, and we are looking at properties for our new locations.  Keeping with the revised plan and goals that the Covenant Group developed for us, we are effectively positioning ourselves to raise $3 to $4 million,” Sullivan said

The Big Brothers Big Sisters staff also believed The Covenant Group approach and reputation would help their organization make a positive impression on leaders in the community.  “I believed our credibility would be enhanced by having Len work for us,” Sullivan said.  “The Covenant Group is viewed very favorably by the members of the community.  People already have a positive image of Big Brothers Big Sisters, and I believe Len and his team have only helped to improve this image.”

Sullivan is anxious to work with The Covenant Group in the future.  “I would definitely use them again, and recommend them to other organizations,” she said.  “In fact, I am planning to do so.”