Cincinnati Bible College, Cincinnati, OH

“We knew we needed to do a capital campaign, we just weren’t sure if we were organized and prepared to pull it off.”  These are the words of Cincinnati Bible College & Seminary President, Dr. David Grubbs.  “We contacted The Covenant Group to help us carry out an internal audit to see if we were organized effectively to handle the campaign.  Dr. Len Moisan reviewed many things including our policies, our organizational structure, and even our business software.  He helped us identify weaknesses that would likely cause us difficulty if we embarked on a campaign as we were structured.”

To have a successful capital campaign it is important to be willing to take an inventory of your current practices and structure, identify needs and areas of potential inefficiency and then be willing to take action to address those issues.  You must plan effectively before striking out.  Dr. Grubbs was aware of this, and that is why he sought the counsel of The Covenant Group.

“Dr. Moisan was right on the point.  He was right in everything he pointed out.  In every area possible, we reorganized according to his counsel.  We saw the benefits of this as we embarked, and we even saw some of the pain that can be caused when you are unable to make the necessary changes.  He understood why we were running the campaign internally, and worked with us to set the proper foundation.”

Capital campaign consulting is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  The Covenant Group can provide specific advice that is sensitive to the unique needs of your organization.  We do not use a cookie-cutter approach.

“I would use Len again for consultation, and I’ve recommended him to many of my colleagues.  He handled our information and internal issues professionally and carefully and we avoided many mistakes by implementing his advice.  Ultimately, we received very good advice – it was money and time well invested.”


Internal audit prepared CBCS to embark on an internally managed campaign

Money and time invested helped to “avoid pitfalls”