Kentucky School of Art, Louisville, KY

The Kentucky School of Art at Spalding University (KSA) started four years ago with a vision.  Founder and Chancellor, Churchill Davenport, wanted to bring an innovative, first rate school dedicated to the visual arts to Louisville.  Through partnership with Spalding University students have a unique opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities with a concentration in Art and now a Bachelor’s in Fine Art.  Since its inception in 2009, enrollment at KSA has grown to more than 100 students today.

However, as a young, start-up organization, keeping a steady stream of operational capital can be a challenge.  Meghan Greenwell, Director of Institutional Advancement, states: “We had an influx of capital at the beginning, but then we hit a lull.  We needed a way to stabilize support and grow our donor base. We decided the best way to do that was through a capital campaign.” Before moving ahead with the campaign, KSA leaders sought the help of fundraising counsel to conduct a feasibility study.  Meghan recalls, “We interviewed several firms.  The Covenant Group really stood out.  Len made us immediately comfortable. He had such a great attitude.  We really believed that he wanted to partner with us in this journey. It was clear he understood higher education as well as our unique position.”

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Lincoln Christian College & Seminary, Lincoln, IL

For more than 55 years, Lincoln Christian College & Seminary has been preparing preachers for service in the world.  According to President, Dr. Keith Ray, even though the faculty and staff are working with a new generation, the original mission has not changed.  It is with great vision, energy and a passion for excellence that Dr. Ray leads Lincoln today.  That vision led him to begin planning to renovate campus facilities and build some long needed new ones.

To achieve this vision, Dr. Ray has led Lincoln through a capital campaign that was successfully launched with counsel from The Covenant Group.  We encouraged Lincoln to begin their campaign with a strong, clear call to leadership, and they have responded.  “One of the most important things that Dr. Moisan and his team brought to us was a creative energy about the whole consulting role.  I did not feel like we were a routine, boilerplate customer.  Rather, I felt that Dr. Moisan really strove to understand our culture and provided a passion for excellence in every aspect of our relationship.”

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Farm Credit Services, Louisville, KY

The Covenant Group’s agreement to facilitate training for Farm Credit Services began in 2001.  When the company was just launching the Leadership College.  This program was designed to offer the company’s exemplary performers the opportunity to hone their personal leadership skills and to reinforce the organization’s core values. They wanted to help employees find ways to internalize and live out the values in their everyday roles.

Marsha Thompson, Director of Leadership Development, commented, “We don’t want our company values just to be posted on the wall.  We want them to be lived out daily through our employees.” She credits Dr. Moisan’s training on ethics and leadership and his facilitation skills as helping them do just that.  “During Len’s session he helps employees discover their own core values and find ways to align them with the company’s values.” She continued, “He gets them thinking at a much deeper level by using activities geared toward introspection and self-evaluation.”  Thompson remarked that Dr. Moisan’s passion for the subject matter is evident and it comes across through his presentation style.  “He helps employees gain a better understanding of the benefits of ethical decision-making.”

At the end of every session of the Leadership College, Thompson asks participants to fill out evaluation forms.  She suggested letting some of the attendees speak to the value of the sessions through their feedback:  “My favorite session”, “I liked the stories and examples”, “Valuable and interesting discussion”,  “A good session that everyone can learn from and apply to their everyday lives.”, “Len has a solid platform for his beliefs on leadership.”. These and others like them capture the essence of the value of the training as well as the passion and experience of the presenter.

When asked how the training has improved the organization, Thompson states that it is difficult to report the results numerically.  However, she is quick to point out that employees have a greater awareness of a consistent standard with which to align their behavior.  They also take more responsibility for ways their own ethical actions impact the bottom line.

Thompson characterizes Dr. Moisan as “always open to feedback”.  “He is flexible, and willing to adjust his presentation to best meet the changing needs of our organization.  It is not a canned presentation, but always evolving to remain fresh and relevant.” Thompson estimates that over the 13 years of the program’s existence, Dr. Moisan has trained well over 300 people. She would highly recommend him as a presenter to other organizations seeking leadership or ethics training.  “His style is to challenge employees to think about how their actions impact every aspect of their lives… work and beyond.  That makes for better informed and more engaged employees that strengthen the organization overall.”