Lincoln Christian College & Seminary, Lincoln, IL

For more than 55 years, Lincoln Christian College & Seminary has been preparing preachers for service in the world.  According to President, Dr. Keith Ray, even though the faculty and staff are working with a new generation, the original mission has not changed.  It is with great vision, energy and a passion for excellence that Dr. Ray leads Lincoln today.  That vision led him to begin planning to renovate campus facilities and build some long needed new ones.

To achieve this vision, Dr. Ray has led Lincoln through a capital campaign that was successfully launched with counsel from The Covenant Group.  We encouraged Lincoln to begin their campaign with a strong, clear call to leadership, and they have responded.  “One of the most important things that Dr. Moisan and his team brought to us was a creative energy about the whole consulting role.  I did not feel like we were a routine, boilerplate customer.  Rather, I felt that Dr. Moisan really strove to understand our culture and provided a passion for excellence in every aspect of our relationship.”

Dr. Ray continued his comments by referencing one element of a marketing communications package developed by The Covenant Group:  “Take, for example, the campaign video.  It was professionally produced and really captured the unique nature of Lincoln.  It became the expression of our institution.  I never show that video without the audience applauding at the end – to me, that is the measure of its effectiveness.  Further, our faculty has routinely commented on the quality of our printed materials package, and in my higher education experience, an impressed faculty body is a good barometer of success.”

“We were glad we chose to utilize the experience and counsel of The Covenant Group.  From every aspect, I would say that we got the best return we could have gotten for the money spent.  Dr. Moisan complemented my vision – he embraced my vision – and truly fueled a quick and successful beginning for our campaign.  Reaching and surpassing our goal has been a delight and in part a miracle.  As I think back on The Covenant Group’s leadership and partnership in this endeavor, I can only say thanks and congratulations.  Len’s expertise and friendship are a great combination for serving the Kingdom.”


– $5.0 million campaign launched successfully; over $3.0 million raised in the first year; goal surpassed – over $6 million raised

– Complete capital campaign communications package, including 9-minute video