Shively Christian Church, Louisville, KY

When Shively Christian Church began to outgrow their facilities, the elders and staff realized it was time to investigate the possibility of relocating.  The leaders in the church also recognized their limitations.  In order to understand what it would take to raise the funds and develop and implement the plans to relocate, they would have to consult an outside professional who had the knowledge and experience to help them.  “The main goal for us was to get professional expertise and some empirical data from our congregation regarding our plans.  We also wanted to find out more about the overall health of our church,” explained Brett Baker, the Senior Associate Minister of Shively Christian Church.

Baker, who had experience with church consulting, ultimately turned to The Covenant Group to help them because they had a proven record of success and he knew their experience was just what the church needed.  “The Covenant Group is a lot more comprehensive than other firms we interviewed.  We chose them because of their ability to tailor a customized approach that fit our congregation,” Baker explained.  “The Covenant Group was also very specific in measuring things important to us in our context.”  Based on the survey findings, The Covenant Group recommended that Shively Christian Church delay the campaign and implement a strategic planning process that would attend to gaps uncovered by the survey and create a shared vision for the future.

Baker is confident that the church will continue to benefit from The Covenant Group work.  “We are very pleased.  Dr. Moisan and his team helped us conduct a survey and implement a planning process that produced results.  We now know our glaring weaknesses and critical issues.  Dr. Moisan helped us build a plan and consensus from which we have launched several important initiatives.”

The leaders of Shively Christian Church are confident that their work with The Covenant Group has been of great value to their congregation. “The Covenant Group fit us very well,” concluded Baker.  “Len and his team are very professional, and I would definitely recommend The Covenant Group to any other organization looking for a high level of knowledge and experience.”