Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY

“Southeast Christian Church was about to embark on the most ambitious capital campaign any church had ever tackled, so we called on Dr. Len Moisan to help us through this challenge.”

Those are the words of Dave Stone, Associate Pastor and campaign Project Representative at Southeast Christian Church.  He was eager to recount the story.

“Back in 1993, Southeast embarked on a massive relocation program.  We set a goal of raising over $26 million over and above our regular giving.  At the time, this was the largest goal that any church capital campaign had tackled.  Dr. Moisan was the chairman of the campaign, which actually raised over $30 million!  Then, just three years later, he engineered another campaign to help us complete our building in only one phase, and we again exceeded our goal.”

In total, over $42 million was raised to build the new Southeast Christian Church complex, and Associate Pastor Stone had more to say about Dr. Moisan’s involvement.

Stone continued, “Len’s strategic planning and his skills in building a network proved invaluable.  We appreciate the way he poured himself into all phases of the campaign.  He continually put the focus on the Lord and stressed the importance of giving for the right reasons.  That’s something you don’t always find, and it helped make the program successful in more ways than one.”

Today, Southeast members worship in the new 770,000 square foot facility in east Louisville, KY.  This facility has enabled the growing church to continue to thrive in their ministry, and provided members with an effective tool for reaching out to their community – and the world.


Over $42 million raised – exceeded ambitious $36 million goal