Ronald McDonald House, Louisville, KY

In 2001 when Executive Director Hal Hedley contacted The Covenant Group for help, they were facing difficult circumstances.

“Over 1,000 families per year were knocking on our doors for help,” said Mr. Hedley.  “They were coming to Louisville from out of town and needed a place to stay.  Their children were being treated in local hospitals and most of them had acute illnesses or injuries.  We had to do something.  We were turning away over 200 families per year.”

Ronald McDonald House has a longstanding reputation as a home away from home for families in need, so deciding to build wasn’t difficult; the need was compelling.  Mr. Hedley and the Board went to work and designed a plan to acquire space and build more rooms, rooms that would accommodate an additional 400 families.  The larger problem was figuring out where the $4.5 million they needed would come from.  That’s when Mr. Hedley and the Board contacted The Covenant Group.  Referring to The Covenant Group CEO, Len Moisan, as the ‘campaign architect,’ Mr. Hedley noted, “My first impression of Len was the strong development background he came in with as a professional.”

The Covenant Group conducted a feasibility study, helped develop a case for support, designed a campaign plan, and then provided campaign counsel to implement the plan.

Mr. Hedley noted that because of The Covenant Group’s record of achievement and reputation for success, he had high expectations.  He commented, “They met my expectations in all areas.  It would have been nearly impossible to exceed my expectations … they were high because of the background and reputation The Covenant Group had established … I am impressed with their work.”


Ronald McDonald House has achieved their campaign goal of $4.5 million

Also, 400 additional families … families in need … will be able to stay at Ronald McDonald House