Paula York, Louisville, KY

Tim Hester, President of Paula York, engaged the strategic business planning services of The Covenant Group.  For nearly 30 years this family owned business had served its clients well.  But according to the owner, it had also, “been around the block a few times” and needed a new perspective on how to move forward.

Hester engaged The Covenant Group to help him begin composing a usable and practical strategic plan that would form the direction that the company would take.  Nine months into implementation, Hester expressed his excitement about the results, “We have written clear vision and mission statements, we have solidified and celebrated our core values and we have begun implementing our plan.”  In addition to developing a consensus among employees regarding company values and direction, the plan has helped to develop processes that encourage staff to assume ownership and accountability for the results of their work.  Hester credits The Covenant Group with facilitating a “true team approach to the market even though we have several different product lines that can operate as stand alone business units.”

In addition to the changes that Hester has seen in employee attitudes and the culture of his organization, he has also reaped some personal benefits in the process.  “Working with The Covenant Group has really helped me prioritize and stay focused on my most important goals, professionally, personally and spiritually.  They have encouraged me not to over-commit, so I can be successful in the areas that are the most important.”

Of course in business, success is always measured in bottom line results.  Hester noted, “Our revenues are up 32% over last year and our profits are at levels we have never seen before.  The work The Covenant Group have helped us complete this past year has moved Paula York Inc. further ahead than any work we have done in the past 10 years!”