Ronald McDonald House Charities Kentuckiana

The team at Ronald McDonald House Charities Kentuckiana (RMHCK) understands families in crisis who deal with serious illness. In fact, children whose families stay at RMHCK tend to be the sickest. They also travel the furthest and experience the longest hospital stays. With just 36 guest rooms, too often the House is full and families have to be turned away (over 550 times in 2016 & 2017) .

CEO Hal Hedley explains, “We knew we needed to expand our capacity. We acquired the building next door and planned to renovate it and connect it to our main facility. Doing this would allow us to increase the number of guest rooms to 56. We also planned to renovate our existing facility”.  Although the original campaign target was $15 million, it was raised to $21 million due to increased construction and operational costs.

The nonprofit selected The Covenant Group to conduct a feasibility study and then help launch the super-sized campaign. Hedley credits the study with helping identify both current donors that would support the projects as well as new, prospective donors “not already on their radar”. He also noted that talking to stakeholders allowed them to uncover what questions and concerns potential donors had about the projects. “Knowing these issues upfront helped us provide clear answers that were conveyed in our campaign materials. We had the answers prepared even before the questions were asked”.

The team at RMHCK was not new to capital campaigns. In fact, The Covenant Group had helped the organization previously conduct a $3 million campaign that allowed them to renovate 7,000 sq. ft. of space. Hedley pointed out that the scope and size of this campaign were much greater with a goal of $21 million and the plan to renovate 60,000 sq. ft. that spans two buildings.

Hedley called The Covenant Group the campaign architect. “They helped put together timelines and developed a structure that made it possible for us to achieve our goals. They also helped us open doors with new donors some of which resulted in major gifts. In addition, they trained our Board to give them confidence in conducting personal solicitations”. “Thorough, responsive, strong planners, and good trainers” are some of the terms he used to describe The Covenant Group.

Today, funds raised in the campaign effort total $19.5 million, just shy of the $21 million goal. Hedley forecasts that both the fundraising and the construction will be complete next year. He added, “The campaign has helped us broaden our base of support. This will not only help us achieve the campaign goal but ensure we have the funds needed to cover ongoing operations as well.”

Hedley states that he would recommend The Covenant Group to others seeking campaign counsel. He explains, “We appreciate The Covenant Group putting together a plan that has helped us be successful in raising the funds needed to complete this transformational project”. At the end of the day it will help RMHCK Keep more families close and that is the most important result.