Sojourn East, Louisville

The old saying goes, “There’s no place like home” and the congregation of Sojourn East was ready to find out what it would be like to have their own space. They had selected a great facility that would serve the needs of their growing church well for years to come.  The only thing standing between them and this new building was the $3.25 million needed to acquire the property. Sojourn East Pastor, Kevin Jamison decided to call The Covenant Group to help make their vision of home a reality.

“We were familiar with the work of The Covenant Group as they had helped another Sojourn site complete a very successful campaign,” recalled Jamison. Although we interviewed 2 other firms, The Covenant group stood out because of their competitive pricing, strong reputation and the fact that Len Moisan and the rest of the team knew our congregation well.”  Jamison added, “We liked the fact that The Covenant Group was readily available. We could meet Len for coffee and get his advice.”

Jamison admits that he did not enter the campaign without some hesitation. “I was afraid that we would not be able to raise even $2 million.  It was a big test of faith on my part as a leader.” He noted that The Covenant Group’s expertise and experience were invaluable and helped put his mind at ease. Jamison likened Len to a personal trainer. “He kept us on task and didn’t let us get off the path. I knew he cared as much about the success of the campaign as I did. He provided us with a logical, straightforward strategy.  It was clear enough for me to follow on my own, but without his guidance and at times gentle prodding, I know I would not have kept to the plan.” Jamison laughed as he added, “It is like with personal trainers when you really want to eat ice cream, but they make you eat salad.”

Sticking to the plan paid off.  Jamison reports, “I was blown away at Commitment Weekend. We raised $4.25 million. Enough not only to acquire the church home we wanted, but $1 million more to put in a reserve fund for additional projects as needed.” Jamison’s faith was not the only positive outcome of the campaign. He adds that the process cultivated in his church members a deeper sense of ownership and the accomplishment of knowing that “God did this through us.” He also reports, “We have grown in stewardship, confidence and unity and we have experienced new levels of giving and attendance.”

Now at home in their new facility, Jamison reviews the entire experience from start to finish. “There is a lot of fear going in to a fundraising campaign. Len’s presence brought peace of mind and gave us the confidence we needed to move ahead with God’s plan without timidity.” Jamison describes The Covenant Group as professional, efficient, polished and strategic.  When asked if he would recommend The Covenant Group to other churches seeking counsel, he is quick to respond, “Yes, I would and I have. I am glad to do it.” Then he adds his own bit of advice, “But if you hire The Covenant Group you are wise to do what they say.  If you follow their plan, you will be successful. Not only are Len and his team good consultants, they are also good friends.”