Prince of Peace Catholic Church, Madison, IN

Prince of Peace Catholic parish had an urgent need.  The steeple of the church was falling down and required emergency repairs.  In addition to the steeple work, the church also needed exterior paint and other updates.  After concluding a feasibility study, the church set a goal of $1.5 million.

Pastor Chris Craig states that the goal represented a significant stretch.  “Past campaigns the parish had conducted raised an average of $900,000.”  Although another firm had helped with the feasibility study, at the recommendation of the Archdiocese, Prince of Peace parish decided to hire The Covenant Group to provide counsel during the campaign.

“When we first met Len, we could tell he was personally invested in our success.  He was committed to the end result and helping us achieve our goal.”  Pastor Craig described The Covenant Group’s process as “energizing”.  He continued, “They really motivated our leadership, who were a bit reluctant at first.  They helped us define our needs clearly and then they helped us get the parish involved.  We had over 200 volunteers engaged at some level.  The campaign went from ‘we have to do it’ to ‘a genuine excitement about it’ and the spiritual aspect became a key component.”

Father Craig described Len’s leadership style as “very hands on.” He adds that “the process empowered me to become much more confident in fundraising techniques and in striving towards larger goals.”  As Celebration Weekend approaches campaign leaders are thrilled to announce that more than $2 million has been raised!  “We are shocked.  This campaign has been much different than past campaigns.  People are doing more, digging deeper.  We already have significant funds collected and in the bank.  We will begin renovation work next month”.

“One really smart concept The Covenant Group recommended was the 5-year pledge period” commented Father Craig.  “By allowing people to spread their pledges over a longer period, people were able to give more. They are choosing weekly and monthly giving options.  We have seen gifts grow from $20,000 in a 3-year campaign to $50,000 in a 5-year campaign.”  The longer period has really made a difference.  He further noted that they are now working to try to get as close to 100% participation in the campaign as possible.

When asked if Father Craig would recommend The Covenant Group to other churches seeking counsel, he responded.  “Absolutely! I may be at 2 or 3 more parishes in the future.  When I am in a situation where our church needs to raise money, they will be the first call I make”.