UPS Training Services, Louisville, KY

United Parcel Service (UPS) was facing a major undertaking.  “We were in the process of creating a new airline,” said Chris Boone, then Director of Training at UPS.  UPS had hired managers from several other airlines, many of which had closed.  They were incorporating these new employees into the organization’s very traditional culture.  “It was a ‘new vs. old’ philosophy.  Our culture was challenged when we brought in so many new people at one time”, Boone commented.  “Relationships, at first, between the two groups were strained.  People were resistant to change,” he further explained.

During this same time, a new training program was being developed and introduced which enlisted teachers who were external to the UPS organization.  One of the primary outside professionals involved with this new program was Dr. Len Moisan, who also taught the capstone class called Mastering Leadership.  “Len’s sessions were vital in helping our organization through the transition process,” said Boone.  “As a result of the training, our culture began to change.”  Long-time UPS managers began to realize that they could glean valuable airline experience from the newcomers, and the incoming managers found they could learn valuable management practices from UPS’ long-standing traditions.  As a result, when it came time for the FAA to evaluate UPS to determine if the formation of the new airline would be approved, the feedback was astounding. Boone reported, “The FAA gave us full clearance and a first-ever, no negative findings!”

“We credit the organization’s cultural transformation to the training program.  Len played a key role in that process.  Over a 5-6 year period he trained between 2500-3000 of these managers”, Boone recounted.  “What makes Len so effective is that he knows his topic inside and out.  He does his homework.  Leadership is his passion.”  Boone went on to say, “Len is also a great storyteller.  People connect well with stories and he always includes relevant and memorable accounts.”  Boone gave an example of a recent encounter he had with a UPS manager who had gone through Mastering Leadership ten years earlier.  “This manager not only remembered Len’s training class, he remembered and commented on a specific story that had been shared during that class,” Boone marveled.

“Len built credibility with our people by taking the time to learn our company’s language”, Boone added.  He also stated that he would not hesitate to recommend Len as a speaker or consultant to other organizations.  “Len is very creative in his approach and the way he adapts his material to the audience.  In all of the classes that he conducted, I don’t remember him receiving any ratings that were less than exceptional.”