Jeffersonville Carnegie Library Foundation, Jeffersonville, IN

The Jeffersonville Carnegie Library Foundation was on a tight schedule.  They took on the task of renovating the old Carnegie Library facility to become the new home of the Remnant Trust, arguably one of the finest rare book collections in the world.  Their goal was to raise $4 million to cover the costs associated with the renovations and the move from the current location. This task became even more challenging due to the fact that they were given only three years from the earliest discussions, to have the project completed and the doors open to the public.

After engaging The Covenant Group as campaign counsel and then completing a preliminary feasibility study, the campaign process began.  However, the Foundation needed some materials and a video to “tell the story” of the project and the plans.  The Covenant Group and its associates went to work on the design and production of a video and collateral materials.  According to Tom Lindley, Chairman of JCLF, the results were “outstanding.”  He explained “the marketing materials were so important.  They really made people see what we were proposing and what we were offering to the community.”

During the Quiet Phase of the campaign, volunteers used the video and marketing pieces to help generate excitement about the project and make the case for major donors to give.  “They really made a tremendous impact.  They made our ‘sale’ so much easier,” Lindley stated.  “We used them as leave behind pieces to help donors build pride and ownership in the project.”  Lindley added, “The materials and the video were so well done, they really told the story well and moved people to action.”

Lindley is convinced that the investment the Foundation made into the marketing package was a wise one.  “The marketing materials are done well and among the best I’ve seen for any project.  They are that good.”  He added, “it was money that was very well spent.”