Hikes Point Christian Church, Louisville, KY

Hikes Point Christian Church came to The Covenant Group for help with their Grand Opening.  Senior Pastor, Scotty Richmond commented, “After spending a year taking care of facility renovations, we decided that Easter Sunday 2000 was going to be our Grand Opening.  We had an average Sunday attendance of about 200 folks, and we wanted to really launch into the community, to let them know that there was a new church in town!”

Pastor Richmond continued, “Dr. Moisan helped us put a timeline together, and then he held us accountable to that timeline.  He rendered an invaluable service to help me in leading this whole program.”

The Covenant Group provided strategic coordination of the new member drive.  They oversaw the effort, which included the following:

  • developing a targeted list of households near the church
  • producing 10,000 copies of a three-minute video introducing the church
  • distributing the video to targeted households with the help of church volunteers
  • purchasing display advertising in local print media
  • placing radio spots on Christian and secular radio stations
  • sending out direct mail postcards to over 50,000 people
  • getting a web site up and running

As a result of this effort, Hikes Point Christian Church’s attendance jumped to 486 on Easter Sunday, and in the following four weeks they averaged over 250 people each weekend!

Mr. Richmond expressed his appreciation for The Covenant Group.  “Without Dr. Moisan’s assistance in terms of planning, preparing, securing resources and keeping us accountable to our goals, I don’t believe we would have succeeded at the level we did.  We still have newcomers almost every Sunday – we’re still reaping the benefits of his company’s efforts.”

He added, “Also, the event really mobilized and unified our church to accomplish a goal – it strengthened our existing members.  We joyously celebrated our victory.  Overall, it was an extremely positive experience for our whole church body.”