Assumption Greek Orthodox Church, Louisville, KY

For more than five years the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church community had been planning to move to a new location.  The congregation needed more space for worship, education and activities.  Their plan was to build a new worship center and multi-purpose facility in a new location.  They finally found a three-acre piece of property with an older church on it that was for sale.  The answer for this small congregation of about 70 families was simple; they would buy the land, renovate the church and then build a family activities center.

In January of 2004 church leaders negotiated and signed a 90-day contract, contingent upon conducting a successful fundraising campaign.  That campaign would have to generate between $400,000 – $500,000 to make the full vision a reality, a big task for this small congregation.

According to campaign chairman, Greg Fischer, the Assumption Church had “no history of extraordinary stewardship.  This simply was not a group of people sophisticated about fundraising.  We needed help, encouragement and validation.”  That’s when Mr. Fischer called on Bill Rothwell and The Covenant Group for help.

Bill developed a campaign plan, met with leaders, and then facilitated strategy and training sessions.  According to Mr. Fischer, Bill Rothwell exceeded their expectations:  “Bill was perfect for what the group needed.  He built enthusiasm and made them believe they could do this.  He was very helpful.”  At the time Mr. Fischer was interviewed … just six weeks into the campaign, they had already achieved 136 percent of their goal.

The Goal:  $500,000

The Result:  After six weeks the church had already raised $680,000 with great potential for more.