Westwood-Cheviot Church of Christ, Cincinnati, OH

Westwood-Cheviot Church of Christ needed a change.  The new pastor, Pete Holmes, decided that the church was in a rut.  They needed positive change, or the church would continue to flounder.  In Mr. Holmes’ words, “We are in the process of becoming what you would call a ‘turn-around church.’”

The Covenant Group surveyed the church membership and conducted interviews with the church Elders.  This process, coupled with a leadership retreat, enabled Westwood-Cheviot to identify critical issues and begin to establish a vision that would drive planning and operations toward a fruitful future.

Mr. Holmes stated, “Dr. Moisan has taught us a process that not only builds strategic plans to address the critical issues, but at the same time develops consensus among the membership for positive change.”

The evaluation tools The Covenant Group has equipped us with have helped our leaders identify and clarify critical issues with regard to the overall health of our church – that alone has been worth the price of admission.”

Dr. Joe Ellis, seminary professor, renowned church growth expert and elder at Westwood-Cheviot, stated the following:  “The Covenant Group provided competent leadership and the tools to bring us clear insight into where we are and where we should be going.  Their skills have led us to a vision and launched us on the path to achieving that vision in a way that we could not have accomplished on our own.”