Executive Searches

There is a strong possibility the person you are seeking is not looking for a job, nor will they fit into the typical salary schedule. There is increasing competition for high producers, and as a result they are able to command sizable salary packages.

Because of our extensive experience with non-profit organizations and our work in providing fundraising consulting, we have been called on frequently to provide executive search services for nonprofit executives.

Specifically, we have conducted both regional and national searches for a number of organizations. What gives us an advantage in this kind of a search is the fact that our associates have also served as nonprofit executives. Therefore, we know the kind of candidates best suited for the job.

With the typical executive search firm there are quite a few expensive services associated with those searches. At The Covenant Group we have created a streamlined but effective process to keep the cost down and the quality high. Actually, we work with you instead of independent from you to complete the search.

Based on industry statistics, the average executive search takes about 180 days, with many lasting much longer. While organizations want to find qualified executives, even 6 months represents a great deal of lost capacity. Typical executive search fees can be as high as 1/3 of the person’s first-year salary. Most firms also charge an additional 15-18% of the total retainer for “unallocated expenses”, additional fees for advertising and profiling as well as all out of pocket expenses for travel. Thus, for an executive you may be seeking to hire at $150,000 or above, for example, you could easily wind up paying $80,000 or more in fees.

By contrast, The Covenant Group is able to work in partnership with the Board and HR staff and therefore offer fees that are significantly less than the industry standard. We can help you sift the wheat from the chaff and find a perfect fit for your organization on a reasonable budget and in a swift timeframe.