The Preparing for the Trip module allows you to get started right. It will help you properly set up your project, develop a budget, and assemble your team. It’s exactly what you need before you embark.

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Introduction to Module 1

Why should organizations plan? Discover the benefits, learn who to recruit and how long the process takes.

Benefits of Planning

Effective strategic planning is mission focused, builds consensus and defines accountability. It also eliminates waste and duplicated efforts.

Developing a Budget and Timeline

Don’t start the planning process without first having an expectation of the costs and timeframe.

Budget Worksheet

Use this spreadsheet to help calculate and estimate the costs you should consider.

Timeline Overview

This outline keeps your planning activities concise and on target to ensure the process does not drag on excessively.

Assembling Your Team

Learn exactly who should be involved in the process and why each person plays a key role

Job Description

Volunteers will want to know exactly what they are signing up for…this description will help clarify responsibilities.

Choosing Your Team

Discover who the 5 key individuals and groups are that will compose your planning team.

Recruiting Worksheet

Use this helpful tool to keep track of contact information, follow up and who has agreed to serve

Selecting a Facilitator

Choosing the right person to lead the retreat and volunteer training sessions is vital to planning success…learn what traits to look for in this leader.

Module 1 – Conclusion

Know you know why planning is so important, who to recruit, estimated costs and what to look for in a facilitator…time to get to work in Module 2

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