Home of the Innocents, Louisville, KY

The Home of the Innocents offers hope for children, youth and families in crisis by providing care, shelter and support.  Unfortunately, demand for their services has continued to grow.  At a time when the Home was landlocked and overcrowded at its main facility and three other facilities across Louisville.  In order to meet both the immediate and future challenges, the Home desperately needed a new location.

That’s when The Covenant Group got involved.  Thanks to a strong capital campaign, the vision for a new facility has been realized.  Gordon S. Brown, President & CEO, stated it this way, “We called on Dr. Moisan’s company to help us plan and manage a successful campaign, and we believe their involvement was critical to our success.  We have already raised over $23 million and we will definitely exceed our $25 million goal … The more than 1,000 kids we serve every year will have a new home.  It is an exciting new beginning.”

According to Mr. Brown, the campaign launch was remarkable.  “From the beginning, Dr. Moisan was responsive to our needs.  I clearly remember our first board meeting when we announced the plan.  Len made a moving and dynamic presentation to our board.  I believe the campaign’s success was defined at that moment.  Len was upbeat, enthusiastic, professional and fun all at the same time.  He really set the tone for the entire campaign.  As a result of that meeting we achieved 100% board involvement, which led to board-level contributions of over $650,000!  That meeting, that beginning, was really a stellar moment in our campaign.”

The Home purchased a 20-acre site for their new 129,000 sq. ft. children’s village, which will be completed by December, 2002.  It will include five residential cottages, two transitional living homes, the new Kosair Charities Pediatric Convalescent Center, medical and aquatic therapy service areas, dining facilities, classrooms and administrative offices.  Mr. Brown noted that it is already becoming their home.  “We’ve begun moving in and we are on schedule and on budget!”

Mr. Brown concluded with several laudatory remarks about The Covenant Group’s knowledge of the local community.  “Len’s knowledge of the right people in Louisville really helped us.  He has a thorough understanding of the local business, political and non-profit landscape, and that expertise was highly valuable.  The bottom line is that this project means that kids who have had inadequate living and therapy space will be able to have a more pleasant and healthy quality of life.  That is the essence of what we do.”

Successful $25 million campaign (exceeded original goal of $17 million)
Over 1,000 kids/year will be served at the new 129,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility
100% Board involvement (over $650,000 in contributions)