St. Agnes Catholic Church, Ft. Wright, KY

St. Agnes Catholic Church and School is a community of faith and learning that has served the people of Fort Wright since 1930. The original church building constructed in 1938 and the first school building (1955) are still in operation today. The historical beauty and utility of the church and school stand as reminders of the long-standing tradition of faith and service of St. Agnes parish. However, as structures age, updates and periodic improvements are necessary to keep facilities modern, safe and efficient. Such was the case when St. Agnes decided to conduct a feasibility study and capital campaign.

Father Mark Keene, pastor at St. Agnes recalled, “Our school building needed a series of infrastructure updates. We conducted several engineering studies which helped uncover the needs and gave us an idea of the associated costs.” After reviewing eleven different consulting firms, the St. Agnes team selected The Covenant Group. “Their process was unique. It gave us a clear model of how the campaign would be organized. This helped us envision it, and overcome our fears.” Father Keene added, “We also appreciated the way that Len and Joe brought elements of their own personal faith into the process.”

The Covenant Group set a solid foundation for campaign success by engaging the leadership team early in the process. “They invited our parish council to be there when they presented the results of the feasibility study. The findings revealed solid support in our parish for the campaign and helped the Council ‘buy in’ to the process.” Father Keene described The Covenant Group as “accessible, willing to go the extra mile and personally interested in our success.” He stated that the campaign model incorporated many personal touches that helped build parish community. “Joe and Len encouraged us, challenged us and shared our passion to see the campaign succeed.”

Nine months into the campaign process, the $3 million goal (3 times what their previous campaign raised) has already been surpassed. Campaign leaders are now working toward additional needs. “With five other local Catholic organizations conducting campaigns during the same timeframe and in the midst of a difficult economy we were thrilled to exceed our goal.” Beyond the dollars raised Father Keene also noted that the St. Agnes parishioners are enthusiastic. “At first they had their doubts. I remember when Joe challenged us by saying that, ‘God sometimes calls us out of our comfort zone’…As people stretched they saw us getting close to our goal, then it became achievable. It was a good experience for our campaign leaders and for the entire parish.” Father Keene closed by saying, “I would recommend The Covenant Group to other parishes in a heartbeat! Their fees were very competitive, and we are pleased with all aspects of the campaign.”