Sojourn Community Church, Louisville, KY

Sojourn Community Church has a mission and vision for the future, and they are passionate about them.  Their congregation had been growing rapidly, and six years after the church opened its doors, they were in desperate need of a new building.  With services overflowing, children’s facilities that were less than acceptable, and parking that was a challenge at best; it became obvious that they needed better facilities.  When an old elementary school came up for sale, Sojourn decided that this was the place for them.  However, they needed to raise an estimated $1.5 million to purchase the building and complete the necessary renovations. That’s when Sojourn’s pastor Daniel Montgomery called the Covenant Group.

After several initial meetings, The Covenant Group went to work and put the processes, teams and systems into place.  Pastor Montgomery elaborated, “The Covenant Group had a lot of our people in our congregation doing small tasks and that builds ownership.  They took our vision and put it into a concrete plan.  The Covenant Group helped us understand the importance of making our vision clear and they laid out the next steps we had to take to make the vision a reality.  They introduced a process that allowed everyone to hear and understand the vision, and then they showed people how they could help.”   The pastor explained further, “this process was alien to the way we did things, but the Covenant Group gave us a solid theological foundation that supported what they did, as well as some key documents, prayer support, and the requisite training for our people to be successful, all of which were invaluable.”

As pastor Montgomery explained, “With The Covenant Group behind us every step of the way, Sojourn was able to exceed our goal of $1.5 million”.  The refurbished building includes a newly renovated 5000+ square foot auditorium, an art gallery, a spacious music venue, state-of-the-art children’s facilities that include a gymnasium and a playroom for toddlers, and much more.
When asked how he felt about the Covenant Group and their contribution to Sojourn’s project, Pastor Montgomery said, “I would absolutely recommend The Covenant Group. Churches looking for theologically and Biblically driven consultants, people who operate with integrity and bring a process that includes the entire church body while empowering its leaders to achieve that vision, should hire The Covenant Group.”