YMCA Safe Place Services, Louisville, KY

When the YMCA Safe Place Services came to Dr. Len Moisan and The Covenant Group for a Financial Development Assessment, they knew the goals that they wanted to achieve.  “We wanted to find out what our weaknesses and strengths were related to our financial development.  We were entering into a new area.  We also never had a development director before, and we wanted to hire the person that would be best for our agency’s needs.  The Covenant Group helped with our search.  We let Len lay out the game plan, and we hired based on the needs that he helped us identify,” Director Dennis Enix said.

Enix continued, “Len’s assessment of our Development Program told us a lot of things we already knew, but it also told us things and gave us recommendations we hadn’t thought about.  It legitimized what we knew were our strengths and weaknesses, and gave us a plan on how we could better our financial development program to get it up to par.  When the new financial development director was hired it was very helpful for her to review and begin to implement the recommendations that The Covenant Group had made.”

Enix is satisfied in knowing that The Covenant Group helped the Safe Place Services meet the goals they had set out to achieve.  “We have met our expectations.  Now taking The Covenant Group plan forward, I have no doubt that we will be successful.”  Board member Todd Lowe added that The Covenant Group exceeded his expectations. “We had a general sense of what recommendations Len would give us, but we were not aware of the depth he would go into with these recommendations.  I think we felt like we got back more than just a general outline.”

So pleased were they with the work of The Covenant Group that YMCA Safe Place Services has already recommended them to other organizations.  Enix said, “When we hired The Covenant Group, we knew that they would be great partners to us.  YMCA Greater Louisville is now also planning a capital campaign and we have recommended The Covenant Group to help with the work.”

Enix concluded:  “Honestly, I think that the Covenant Group is the best in the community.  And, with our board knowing that we had hired the best, it helped them take what was being said as truth.  It motivated them to take the plan by the horns and go with it.”