Wayside Christian Mission, Louisville, KY

When Louisville’s Wayside Christian Mission embarked on their capital campaign in 2001, President Tim Moseley realized they were dealing with less than ideal circumstances.  “We started our campaign after September 11, which we knew would be extremely challenging from an economic standpoint.  Fortunately, because Len Moisan and The Covenant Group created a solid plan and were willing to make such a long-term commitment to us, we were able to overcome that,” Moseley said.

The team at Wayside decided to seek professional counsel for their campaign after careful consideration.  “It was actually a bold decision for us to get counsel,” Moseley explained.  “We considered the possibility of doing things internally, but we soon realized that because of our current responsibilities as well as the time constraints we were facing, it was wiser to have professional guidance from an outside source.”

As far as Tim Moseley was concerned, The Covenant Group was the obvious choice.  “We did a survey of several companies and interviewed different folks.  With The Covenant Group, a key factor in our selection was their connection with the Christian Community.  The fact that Len Moisan is heavily involved in his church … his involvement in the Billy Graham crusade … we felt that he would know our business better than most.  In addition, The Covenant Group has a great track record, as all of their campaigns have either met or exceeded their goals.”

The Covenant Group’s connections in Louisville and their accessibility proved to be extremely helpful during Wayside’s campaign.  “Their local knowledge was key,” Moseley said.  “As we reviewed our prospect list for donors, Len knew almost every foundation well.  With their help, we were able to quickly pinpoint the appropriate amount and best strategy for soliciting each prospect.  Both Len and Bill are also familiar with volunteers in the community and they were able to add some key people to our steering committee.”

Moseley was also impressed with how well The Covenant Group prepared volunteers involved in Wayside’s campaign.  “They developed a training program specific to our campaign,” Moseley said.  “They came on several occasions to provide group and individual training with committee members.  I thought it was excellent!  And they were able to answer questions that we had during the campaign promptly and professionally.”

Moseley is quite pleased with the outcome of the campaign thus far, and he attributes much of their success to The Covenant Group.  “We’ve raised $3.7 million to date … we’re excited about our progress.  The Covenant Group has done more than I ever expected,” Moseley said.  “Len has pushed us to be more proactive and has motivated our volunteers to do what it takes to make the campaign a success.  He and the other associates are always available and accessible….  I can reach them by phone and email.  They are wonderful to work with.  Even though The Covenant Group has other clients, they were always there for us.  Our campaign seemed to be their sole responsibility.  I would absolutely, without a doubt, use their services again, and have already recommended them on two separate occasions to other agencies.”